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Welcome on board on a journey to a healthier and more qualitative
life together with Doctor Finkel Ltd. and Dr. Wolf Finkel, PhD.
Dr. Wolf Finkel is a sole inventor and the driving force behind
all the products of Doctor Finkel Ltd. Wolf Finkel, PhD
is a professor of chemistry.

For decades Dr. Finkel and his team of scientists have researched the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. They have interviewed numerous doctors, scientists and professors who have personally encountered people suffering from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation. Many of these people were cancer patients who confessed that they had been using their mobile phone daily and at night had slept in the near proximity to their mobile phones. Many doctors have stated that in the past 20 years the number of incidents of brain cancer among adults and especially children and teenagers has skyrocketed. They attribute this to the increased unprotected use of their patients’ mobile phones.

In contemporary world it is already impossible to deny the dangers that are caused by electromagnetic radiation despite the fact that the mobile phone manufacturing companies refuse to admit it. Mobile phone production is a multi-billion business so the manufacturers are more than reluctant to recognize the increasing problem and even more so to do anything about it.

Dr. Finkel, therefore, made it his priority and responsibility to protect the population from the hazardous effects of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones by inventing a unique shielding material Apron-C that is inserted in a mobile phone case and protects the person from the electromagnetic radiation by up to 98% during the telephone conversation!

Dr. Finkel, however, was well aware that not only the mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation but also many electrical appliances including computers, TV sets, Wi-Fi routers etc, to the extent that we are practically living in the electromagnetic field day and night. So he went a step further and created an unparalleled protecting fabric material that can be used for manufacture of adult and children’s’ clothes, underwear, outerwear, uniforms, aprons, vests, overalls, hats, caps, blankets and many other types of garments. This material is called Apron-W. Apron-W too shields the person from the electromagnetic radiation by up to 98%! It protects the internal organs of the person wearing the garment made with Apron-W which dramatically reduces the potential risks of cancers and many other dreadful diseases.

You will see many other unique inventions by Dr. Finkel if you browse our website.

Dr. Wolf Finkel has an incredible team of confederates. They are highly skilled and professional scientists that share Dr. Finkel’s vision of protecting the population and bringing health, vitality and quality back into the lives of adults and children of every country of the world, wherever there is electromagnetic radiation.

The products of Doctor Finkel Ltd. are not a luxury but rather a NECESSITY, just like a seatbelt and an airbag in the car, just like an SPF cream, just like a tooth brush and toothpaste, just like soap and water! We want people to recognize and be aware of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation but also to be assured that THERE IS A SOLUTION! And it is Doctor Finkel Ltd.

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Dr. Wolf Finkel, CEO

Doctor Finkel Ltd.

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