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Isolation of hot components for labeling and handling purposes

A unique heat resistant product, this material is a thermal and electric insulator, a heat protector, high temperature filler for structural and heat protective composites and a filter for hot aggressive solutions and gases.

This material is resistant to water, high-pressure vapor, various acids and other chemical reagents (organic and mineral of any concentration do not destroy APRON-F, but hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids destroy the material at temperatures over 300ºC/572ºF).

Apron-F is the most efficient substitution for asbestos, which is universally considered to be hazardous for human health.


Width: 850 – 853 mm

Thickness: 0,35 — 0,55 mm

Mass (g/m2): 300-620

Heat resistance: 1200ºC/2192ºF (works at these temperatures for a long time)

Melting temperature: 1650ºC/3002ºF

Roll length: 50-100 meters long; core diameter may vary

Easy to cut and punch

It can be printed upon and serve as an industrial hang tag or label for the purpose of steel identification. Suitable for pad or gasket application


Aviation and airspace high temperature heat insulation and protection


Oil industry

Gas industry

Infrared burners

Radiant tube burners and combustion systems

Infrared pyrometers used for temperature measurements

Sulfur industry

Industrial fans of the automobile manufacturing plants

Fire resistant curtains

Protective outer garments for firemen and rescuers

Heat insulation for power-generating plants

Nuclear power stations


Aluminum industry

Filters for purification of liquid and gaseous aggressive media in petrochemical industry

Steam crackers in petrochemical industry

Protection blankets and curtains at welding