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Wearable Solutions for Radiation Protection

Anti radiation cloth for fabric manufacturing, protecting against high frequency radiation, emitted by cellular phones and other electronic gadgets.

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Roll fabric

Every roll consists of 20 to 50 meters

Original color: grey, but can be any color

Thickness: 110 - 120 microns

Width: 160 cm

Fabric protects against high frequency radiation by 98%. Tested in HIT lab, Israel

Fabric can be easily cut, even with scissors. From it various clothing items can be made for under wear and outer wear

Fabric can be washed in a washing machine and can be dry cleaned without losing its anti-radiation characteristics. Gentle warm washing is advisable

Manufacturing capacity is vast


Clothing and pocket lining


Hats and caps

Bags, purses, briefcases and backpacks

Baby strollers


A 1979 survey in Colorado, published in American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE), linked childhood leukemia deaths to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

147 reports from 115 independent studies indicate associations between electromagnetic radiation exposure and breast cancer. The strongest associations were found in women who worked in offices and telephone industry.

Science News reported that risk of breast cancer is elevated by 43% for women who work in high radiation exposure fields.

British studies also found electrical workers to be at risk. Women workers had increased malignant brain tumors while men workers were at risk from all types of leukemia and tumors.

A study by Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene found an unusually high percentage of electricians, electronics engineers and utility repairmen among 951 men who died of brain tumors (American Health, July/August 1986).

Canadian research found significantly increased incidence of prostate cancer and acute myeloid leukemia among airline pilots. This was associated with in-flight ionizing radiation exposures.

A survey was done among worker whose occupations use electrically-run equipment that produces electromagnetic radiation, and are held in front of abdominal area. It found increased risk of prostate cancer in the following types of work: aircraft fabricator, railway transport worker, metal product fabricator, structural metal erector, electrical power worker and water transport worker.

There is a strong evidence that EMFs and radio/microwave frequencies are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance.

Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand

Their 2007 report, the BioInitiative Report, concludes that the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect your health. The report includes studies showing evidence that electromagnetic fields:

More Info:

Doctor Finkel, Ltd. is owned and managed by the top British scientists, who are the inventors of many extraordinary hi-tech products, including the materials that reflect electromagnetic radiation.

It is very well known that in this day and age of technology we are constantly exposed to the electromagnetic field which is being emitted by TV sets, mobile phones, computers, microwaves and other electric appliances and electronic equipment.

Many doctors and scientists are desperately trying to bring to our attention the fact that electromagnetic radiation has numerous detrimental effects on the health of our bodies, including breast and prostate cancer. There are countless studies proving this fact. For specific information see the paragraphs on the right.

The great news is that Doctor Finkel, Ltd. is concerned about the welfare of the population and is offering a unique and unparalleled solution!  The scientists at Doctor Finkel, Ltd. have invented and created a unique fabric material which is able to reflect 98% of the electromagnetic radiation aimed at our bodies. The effectiveness of our material has been verified by the Holon Institute of Technology (Israel).

Using this new reflecting material invented by Doctor Finkel, Ltd., for the first time in history, the creation of new lines of lingerie, garments, special uniforms, protective clothing, etc will be made possible. This includes but is not limited to: bras, undershirts, underpants, vests, overcoats, overalls, trousers, hats, caps, blankets for men, women, children, infants etc., which will include inserts of this special material thus protecting the population from a myriad of life-threatening diseases.

Our material is very thin and pliable, light-weight, non-irritating and convenient to wear. We believe it can be inserted between two layers of regular fabric from which bras, underpants or other garments are made out of without compromising the comfort of the garment.  The inserts can be easily removed before washing the garments and reinserted again, ready to wear.
The parts (inserts) can be sold separately if the clients wish to purchase extra parts.

The material is conveniently manufactured in rolls, so it can easily be cut in any shape according to the various models of the garments. The width of a roll is 1 square meter. The length is 30 or 60 square meters. The thickness is 100-120 microns.

We are confident that our clients will be grateful to Doctor Finkel, Ltd. for helping them protect their health and life!

There is truly no analogue to this product in the world!