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Radiation Protecting Case
for Mobile Phones

In today’s world a cellular phone is possessed and used by almost everybody, including young children. It is an extremely convenient means of communication. Meanwhile, the mobile phone is a generator of harmful electromagnetic radiation and at the same time it has a great opportunity to irradiate our brain, heart and other internal organs of our body 24 hours a day.

As a result of continuous exposure to electromagnetic fields, diseases such as degenerative processes of the central nervous system, blood cancer, brain tumors, and hormonal diseases may develop. Cell phone radiation is especially dangerous for children, pregnant women, people with diseases of the central nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular system, allergy sufferers and people with weakened immune systems.

Thanks to the extensive work of the team of experts at Doctor Finkel, Ltd. a unique anti-radiation material has been developed to protect people from harmful effects of radiation. We called this material Apron–C. It shields and protects people from high frequency electromagnetic radiation and its dangerous exposure.

Apron-C reduces cellular radiation by up to 98%, as proven by the SAR lab tests

We now proudly offer you a unique and unparalleled mobile phone Case with Apron-C inserted in the pocket of the case. Read more >>

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