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Minimizing the effects of magnetic fields around electrical devices and installations

Low frequency magnetic shielding material eliminating the radiation emission associated with fuse boxes, high voltage cables, electric stations, wires, electrical devices and electrical sockets.

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Metal sheets or rolls

Width: 25 cm

Thickness: 0.4 mm


Low frequency magnetic shielding material eliminating the radiation emission

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Creating a whole line of new safe fuse boxes, high voltage cables, electric stations, tubes for wires, protected electrical devices, electrical sockets with protective covers, radiation free offices and homes, electric cars that will not be hazardous for their users.


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Although today the world starts slowly and hesitantly talking about the SAR and high frequency electronic radiation, emitted by cellular phones, Wi-Fi stations, tablets and other devices, almost no one discusses the possible dangers of low frequency electronic radiation that surrounds the modern man virtually everywhere.

Most of our time we find ourselves either in the office buildings or at home. While we work or during the leisure at home we are exposed to low frequency radiation day and night. While we are awake and during our night rest. We do not even know about this, and as it is with almost every radiation exposure, we do not feel it, and as a consequence we think that there is no danger, since is not sensed by us.

We live in magnetic fields that surround electrical devices and installations. Low frequency magnetic radiation is emitted by fuse boxes, high voltage cables, electric stations, wires, electrical devices, powerful chandeliers and electrical sockets.

Electrical magnetic radiation effects adversely our health and may cause various dangerous diseases. No one seems to be doing anything about this, except for the specialists from Doctor Finkel has developed a unique material that protects from this radiation and creates a safe environment at work and at home. We called our material Apron-M. It shields low frequency magnetic field and defends human body from this dangerous exposure.

Many manufacturers have created electric cars, an environmentally-friendly alternative to a gasoline consuming car. However, all electric cars emit low frequency radiation that is hazardous to the driver and to the passengers. A proud owner of an electric car does not even realize that while he is driving it, he is exposed to excessive portion of radiation. Doctor Finkel ltd have invented a special material that would solve this problem, and would make all electric cars safe! Same is true for driverless cars and aero-mobiles that will very soon be widely introduced into the global market.